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How To Contact Us.

You are welcome to contact us if you have a question about swinging that we have not answered on here. However please read below first.

We do not do personal introductions.

We have over 5 million members, but their information is protected by various data protection acts in Europe (where we are based) and the USA (where our servers are based).

If you have a problem with the website please contact the helpdesk.

Click the following link, it will ask you to log in, then you will be taken to the helpdesk: Swingers Desi HelpDesk

Where to Find Us

Please Note: We are based in Canada.
We are not able to meet people in India, nor are we able to organise local swingers parties.

Box 1126
New Brunswick
Canada E6J 1R4

Contact Info

Email: [email protected]
WhatsApp or Telegram: +1 506 784 7337

About Desi Swingers

Desi Swingers is the leading source of Swingers Contact Ads. in India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

We have over 500,000 members in India, over 50,000 in Pakistan and more than 25,000 members in Sri Lanka.

We work hard to try and keep fakes away from the site, but some will always get through. If you find a fake profile just send us the profile name or number and we will check the profile and if we agree it is fake we will remove it.

To maintain your privacy, we have a closed internal mail system. Your incoming messages can only be read by you after you log in. You can have a notification sent to your emails if you want to know when you receive a message.

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