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How to Use
Desi Swingers

how to use Desi Swingers

How to use Desi Swingers Contacts

We put desi swingers in touch with desi swingers.

Online Dating Clearance / Online Dating Protection

We'll never ask you for Online Dating Clearance or Online Dating Protection - They don't exist! Please report the profile name of anyone who does, or who asks you for money for such a service.

How do we know that is genuine? is a portal into one of the worlds largest databases of genuine swingers.

The database was started by your webmaster in 1999 and fully automated in 2003.

We now have over 5 million members around the world, and have won awards for the best adult dating software.

Unlike most swingers websites, we are happy to publish our names, address, email accounts and phone numbers, see the contact page for details.

How to get noticed

Every user creates their own profile. Your profile should hold basic details about your sexual likes and dislikes and what you are looking for from swinging partners.

Profiles with very little detail will get very few responses.

Profiles with photos get a better response.

Users who upgrade to VIP are more likely to be contacted, as most people regard these users as more likely to be genuine.

We do not allow email addresses or phone numbers in the profiles. This is because in the past people have posted the information of people they want to hurt, who are not swingers.

Phone numbers and email addresses will be removed from the profiles.

We do not allow escorts, prostitutes and CAM girls to advertise - it is against the rules from VISA and Mastercard, we delete these profiles as soon as we see them.

If a member contacts you asking for money, tell them no, and forward their profile details and the request for money to us at the helpdesk

How to find people:

Log in to the site and do a search for members in your area who match what you are looking for.

Look for members who are VIP, they have paid a membership fee, so they are far more likely to be genuine members, rather than people posting fake profiles. People don't pay to upgrade fake profiles.

How to contact people

When you find a person whose profile says they are looking for people like you, drop them a message using the internal email system.

If the person you write to likes what you say they are almost bound to respond.

Do not write to people whose profile does not relate to you.

Make your message to the member friendly and relevant.

Do not send one line messages like I want to fuck you. This sort of email is guaranteed to get no response.

If a member does not respond, they are obviously not interested in you. Do not stalk them, keep contacting them or be rude about them. Just move on to another profile.

Remember, if you find a profile very interesting, other members will also. Some of our popular members receive several hundred messages a day, they can afford to be choosy about who they meet.

About Desi Swingers

Desi Swingers is the leading source of Swingers Contact Ads. in Surat and Gujarat.

We have thousands of members in Surat, thousands more in Gujarat and over 500,000 members in India.

We work hard to try and keep fakes away from the site, but some will always get through. If you find a fake profile just send us the profile name or number and we will check the profile and if we agree it is fake we will remove it.

To maintain your privacy, we have a closed internal mail system. Your incoming messages can only be read by you after you log in. You can have a notification sent to your emails if you want to know when you receive a message.

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